Say Goodbye to Shaving

Laser hair removal is a hot commodity now in society since having hair in certain areas is looked down on as being unattractive. This is an increasing standard that only seems to become more and more strict until eventually everyone will be hair free from the neck down. That being said laser hair removal is an excellent way to keep up with society’s high beauty demands for both males and females. The way it works is in a series of treatments, usually about 6-8 is necessary for optimal hair removal. In each session the laser will penetrate deep into the hair shaft zapping each follicle at its growth stage. Each hair is growing at different stages, which is why several treatments are necessary to permanently remove all the hair. After the treatments your skin will be smoother and silkier than it would be if you had gotten a wax. The best part is you don’t not have to worry about waxing ever again! It is truly a satisfying treatment to have done and I would recommend it to everyone.