Microdermabrasion is the most recent medical treatment with regard to damaged skin. Micronized (very fine) crystals created from minerals are utilized to take away dead and peeling skin tissue. In the hands of a skilled specialist, an instrument guides this flow of crystals onto the skin. While the skin cells are abraded, a small vacuum takes away the crystals together with the upper, outermost layer of the skin. This leads to collagen production and fresh new skin cells.

Benefits of Microdermabrasion

Microdermabrasion has been found to enhance many undesirable surface problems that formerly needed a number of different treatments. Consequently, microdermabrasion calls for much less time and less discomfort. Recovery time is fast and any regular activities may be resumed right away. Microdermabrasion remains safe and effective on most areas of the body and if preferred may be used together with other cosmetic treatments too. A few skin improvements consist of:

  • Elimination and decrease in age spots
  • Reduction of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Eradication of blackheads and whiteheads
  • Decrease of acne scarring
  • Improvement of dull and rough skin
  • Fresh, younger looking skin.

The Microdermabrasion process has been carried out effectively on individuals of all skin tones and colors. The typical treatment is generally carried out in fifteen minutes to a half hour. Microdermabrasion treatments may be repeated every 2-4 weeks. The amount of treatments differs with respect to the skin difficulty and results sought after.

What planning may be required before treatments?

Absolutely no preparation is needed, however cessation of skin treatments such as tanning, chemical peels, collagen injections, etc. for a two-week time period just before microdermabrasion procedures is recommended. Please make sure your skin is not sunburnt.

What results may I anticipate from Microdermabrasion?

With the initial procedure, the patient’s skin displays visible improvement. Wrinkles, age spots and fine lines reduce as the skin assumes a brighter more sparkling glow. Acne scars are less apparent and the skin appears generally fresher. Some special skin cleansers and moisturizers may be suggested as a result of loss of moisture throughout the treatment. Some patients can experience some redness as well as tightening of the skin, comparable to a mild sunburn. This should only continue for a brief period of time and should not create uncomfortableness. There have been no negative effects linked to the procedure and recovery time is generally a few days. If you would like to schedule a consultation please call our Jacksonville office today at 904-642-7774.