5 steps for glowing skin before the summer

  • Hydrate. Ever wonder why our skin looks so awful after a night out? All of your dark spots appear darker, you have a dullness to your complexion, and the overall appearance of your face. This is due to the fact that your body is dehydrated, lacking water and nutrients. The same will appear to happen to our faces over time if we do not intake at least eight glasses of water a day. It will be a gradual and yet subtle process but I can grantee you if you start drinking more water throughout the day your face will glow and people will notice. If drinking water is hard for you I suggest buying a canteen, place rubber bands around it depending on the size and take one off each time you refill it. This helps to visually see and track your progress.
  • IPL. Intense pulse laser treatments done here in house! These treatments work wonders to remove years off of your skin by penetrating deep into your dermis layer and removing your sun damage. The ipl is a non-invasive laser treatment that is used to give a smooth and even complexion. These treatments will change the way you look at yourself in the mirror and boost your confidence. I will do a later post going into complete detail about our amazing laser and how the treatments work.
  • Eat your colors. Have you ever heard of carotenoids? This is the chemical compound that gives fruits and vegetables their natural color. By in taking these fruits and veggies we are also taking in these carotenoids which will in turn give our skin a natural golden hue and give you a nice glow. This is easier now that summer time is coming up a lot of delicious fruits are in harvest and at our reach. Not to mention all the other added benefits eating more fruits and veggies will give, glowing skin is definitely a huge plus!
  • Silk. Silk pillow cases will actually help in two different ways. One of the things everyone cares about the most as we get older is how to stop aging. Sleeping on silk will actually aid in diminishing fine lines as well as preventing them. Cotton can be too harsh of a material especially for such a sensitive area like your face. By switching to silk you will instantly notice that your face does not get as scrunched up as it would when lying on a regular cover. Silk cases can also aid in prevention of split ends. Why wouldn’t you want wrinkle and split end prevention by doing something you already do, sleeping. Seems like a win, win situation for everyone.
  • Sleep. This is one we all hear about the most, probably because it is so important. Getting an adequate amount of sleep is not only important for your nervous system but your entire body. Enough sleep will aid in the way we process, learn, and retain information, as well as keeping us young. The darkness and puffiness underneath the eyes will be diminished just by sleeping more. No expensive skin care product necessary.